ANZEN DATA are a venture company bringing to market patented technology that ensures our data privacy and GDPR compliance. Initially the challenge was to develop a Brand ID, explainer movie and web content.

” Anzen has been working with Design Real since early 2016 on several projects. We cannot be more delighted with the body of work that has been produced for us.
Anzen’s business pushes the boundaries of deep tech; Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing. Rich is able very quickly to absorb this knowledge, and produce work against our requirements – work which is much, much better than we ourselves could imagine. The visuals are always exceptional, whilst successfully communicating the messages we want to get across, whether that’s to a technical or business audience.  Rich has the rare combination of being able to think as an engineer whilst mixing in left-field (but importantly, implementable) ideas that could only come from a true creative. So ‘practical creative’ as well as ‘fun and nice guy’ would be labels that I think sum up Rich.
Needless to say I would wholeheartedly recommend Rich to any company wishing to engage his and his company’s fabulous services.
Hoon Li Wen

This was delivered successfully and we have since worked closely together on sales and marketing material and GUI development.


We delivered several promotional videos and static grpahics for launch events in the US.

We were then tasked to deliver the working MVP (Minimal Viable Product) interface which goes live 1st Quarter 2018 with walk through animations of the final product.

Demo Movie of MVP (Minimal Viable Product)
MVP (Minimal Viable Product) Concept work