| Creative Maker Spaces for the Lake District |

To help parents, help their kids to ask questions about the world around us.

To ask WHY and HOW is the beginning. To make BETTER to INNOVATE is the goal.

DREAM, CREATE, STUMBLE, and FAIL but take a step forward.



| Technology, Art, Design & Craft |

United these, here, provides a unique opportunity to innovate, create and thrive in a rural world heritage landscape. Should living somewhere beautiful exclude us from the opportunities other children are exposed to? We will not become the capital for retirement. What future is that for my children? We will be known as the place that inspires creativity and innovation for the next generation. Goodness knows the world needs it.

It’s not the past that will define my children’s life. True, they should know this place, know it’s value but take that on and into a relevant future. To me relevant is not a Disneyland where we buy a sheep and smile for the cameras, nor is it pouring drinks for visitors or a retirement home for the wealthy. This, they will surely crave to leave, and not return.

I want them to know this place, to know the world afar, travel and return. Bring knowledge and energy to build a bright, eclectic future. The best place to work, create, run, eat, relax, and thrill…